Giavanni Hurtado


Gia is being recognized for:

  • being the first in both of her families to graduate from college (Evergreen Valley College) with Honors and attend a university
  • Maintaining her Honor status as a Cum Laude during her university journey and achieving Magna Cum Laude as of summer 2020
  • Obtaining straight A’s since starting university in the Fall 2019 through Fall 2020 semesters
  • Winning a total of 15+ scholarships in her higher education journey
  • Being recognized as a Dean’s Scholar for the Spring 2020 semester obtaining her senior internship placement through the Santa Clara County
  • Overcoming depression, anxiety, psoriasis, and traumas
  • Eating clean, detoxing, and exercising to lose 12lbs
  • Writing stories on Wattpad since 2016 with one of her popular stories,
  • “Pregnant by a Murderer,” currently has 5M+ reads and continues to grow everyday
  • Being recognized and being the first student selected by USWA for Student Highlight

Bianca Rodriguez


Bianca is being recognized for:

  • transferring to SJSU in Fall 2019 from Monterey Peninsula College and will be the second in her family to graduate from college, right behind her sister who is a SJSU Alumna being a Dean’s Scholar during Spring 2020 semester
  • maintaining an overall 3.75 GPA while working part-time as a Program Leader at an after-school program and completing her internship at San Benito High School as a School Social Worker
  • taking 16 units her last semester at SJSU
  • being a part of the Braven leadership program at SJSU and meeting weekly with an awesome Mentor that has been helping her plan for her life after graduation
  • being in the process of looking at different universities to pursue her Master’s Degree as she will be taking a year off after graduation to work full-time

Destiny Santana

March 2021

Destiny is being recognized for:

✨ Serving as USWA President for 2 consecutive terms

✨ previously interning at San Benito Juvenile Hall; working with incarcerated youth

✨ currently interning for Santa Clara County-Department of Family & Children Services (DFCS); working with Dually Involved Youth

✨ getting hired at the Bill Wilson Center (BWC) as a case manager for their Rapid Rehousing Program. This includes working with homeless individuals/families and helping them obtain housing through the RRH program 

✨ being a Dean’s Scholar by holding a 3.9 GPA 

✨ working 40 hours, going to school, interning, maintaining her mental health and relationships with family and friends, is one of her biggest strength

Emmanuel Pimentel

March 2021

Manny is being recognized for:

✨ being a U.S. Air Force Veteran

✨ serving as a former USWA Event Coordinator

✨ currently serving as a USWA Vice President 

✨ currently being a Social Work Practitioner with the San Benito County — Emergency Response Unit (Investigating Social Worker with CPS)

✨ completing his internship at San Benito County CPS. ( Family Reunification / Family Maintenance Unit) 

✨ being an active member of an Honors Society 

✨ getting recognized as a Dean’s Scholar with a 3.8 GPA

✨ being a father of two, a full-time student, a full-time employee, and a business owner

✨ being an outstanding applicant for the SJSU MSW Advance Standing Program

Daniela Flores

April 2021

 Daniela is being recognized for transferring to SJSU with honors from SJCC and recently being awarded the Mental Health Stipend. Amongst this crazy and hectic virtual year, Daniela was still able to secure an internship with Community Solutions STV program.

Not only is she interning, but she has also become a volunteer accompaniment with Catholic Charities. Accompaniment is a transformational and unique volunteer opportunity that allows community members like me to be trained in trauma-informed practices that can help a person experiencing crisis move through these challenging times. “It is with a motivated and compassionate attitude that I am committed to best serve and help destigmatize the stigma behind mental health”.

Daniela’s long-term goal includes graduating with her BASW next spring and obtain a Master’s in Social Work (MSW). Daniela is currently an amazing part-time barista, which she is thankful for because coffee helps her A LOT.  
We thank Daniela Flores for being an amazing USWA member, participating throughout the year, and we applaud you for everything you are doing!

Nancy Martin

April 2021

* First generation student- will be the first in my family to graduate from college! 🇲🇽
* Interning as a Case Manager at Community Solution in the School linked Service program. 
* Interned for Friends For Youth in 2020 where i worked with youth at risk.
* Awarded SJSU Assoc Student Directors Scholorship 
* Awarded Dean scholar for spring and fall 2020 
* Currently Serving as USWA’s Event Cordinator 
* Maintaing a 3.7 GPA while working a full time job as a Nanny and also taking on extra hours on weekends/ nights as a babysiter !
* Currently Looking at different MSW programs  for Fall 2022, after taking a year off to get experience as a social worker and giving my brain a rest!

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