The History of USWA

According to our sources, we believe students began to create USWA the Fall of 2002. Dr. Marlene Coach and Dr.Emily Bruce were encouraged by the Dean at that time to re-initiate a student organization.  So in Spring of 2003, Dr. Coach and Dr.Bruce invited social work students to gather together in the evening after most of the classes were over to discuss the idea of a student organization for BASW undergrads. The students agreed and began to plan the logistics of the student organization.

In Fall of 2003, the students were able to create the student organization and were then asked to name the new student organization. The students brainstormed and nominated the name, the Undergraduate Social Work Association (USWA). Soon after, the students voted and USWA became the official name.

Starting in 2003, USWA began to use yahoo as a way to keep in touch with each other and then later moved to Facebook. Over the years, USWA has continued to grow more and more. In more recent years, USWA now has several active social media platforms, a private email listing, and a website.

Not only have we been able to create a network between social work undergrads, but we also sponser and co-sponser several social events, we offer lobby day scholarships, and have a custom apparel line.

We are proud to learn and grow every year as a student organization, and USWA would be nothing without the help of BASW undergrads and the support of the School of Social Work.


The Undergraduate Social Work Association (USWA) is a student organization at San Jose State University that was created by and for social work undergraduates. The purpose of USWA is to increase communications between students and the school of social work, raise funds for the annual social work graduation and create a network between all social work students. Keep reading down below to learn more about USWA involvement!

USWA Officers (Student Representatives)

Every Spring semester, BASW undergraduates will nominate their fellow classmates for USWA officer positions. Elections will be held and the candidate with the most votes will be elected into a position. Once elected, these officers will hold their positions from Fall till the end of Spring semester. To learn more about the current USWA officers, click here

USWA Members

If your currently an undergraduate for the BASW program at San José State University, then you are automatically a USWA member.

As a member of USWA, we encourage you to attend the monthly meetings, sign up to be a chairperson on a committee, lend a hand in several events or graduation planning and/or come out to our social events. As a USWA member, you’ll get access to all the latest information, attend fun events, purchase custom apparel, and have access to Lobby Days scholarships.

You can learn more about your membership, by clicking here

USWA Partnerships

During the school year, USWA will co-sponsor several events with the Social Work Graduate Student Association (SWGSA), NASW South Bay Unit, The Social Work Alumni Association and The School of Social Work.


USWA Classroom Announcements

Sometimes you may see USWA officers entering your classroom for important announcements. We make it our priority to try and get you all the latest information. Whether that be in class, through emails or via social media.

USWA Tabling

Attending the BASW field fair, transfer orientation, or senior field training? You may find a USWA member greeting and checking you in!

USWA at the Field Fair

You may find USWA tabling at a fair with some free goodies!

USWA Welcomes You!

We are always lending a hand for the school of social work to help check you at BASW orientations and events.

USWA Fundraises for Graduation

Every year, we co-sponsor the School of Social Work graduation “Convocation”. In order to pay for graduation costs, we fundraise goods each year to meet our goal.

USWA Fundraises Netflix & Chill Kits

All funds raised during this time is used to help pay for the social work graduation “convocation”.

USWA Bake Sale

All funds raised during this time is used to help pay for the social work graduation “convocation”.

USWA Co-Sponsors a Homecoming Tailgate BBQ

USWA Annual Back to School Event

USWA and SWGSA joins together for a Back to School Event at the Student Union.

USWA Annual Back to School Pool Party

USWA sponsors a Back to School Pool & Pizza Party at the SJSU-SRAC for USWA members.

USWA members go bowling at the SJSU-Student Union

USWA Co-sponsors the Annual “Sunny Side of Social Work” Picnic

Every year, USWA, SWGSA, NASW-South Bay Unit, the Social Work Alumni Association and The School of Social Work sponsor an annual picnic at the park.

USWA booths at the Annual SJSU “Fire at the Fountain

Annual Leadership Retreat

USWA officers attend the first Annual leadership retreat sponsored by SWGSA.

USWA Co-Sponsors the Annual “Social Work Friendsgiving

Every year, USWA, SWGSA, NASW-South Bay Unit and Social Work Alumni get together for a Friendsgiving for all members.

College of Health & Human Sciences (CHHS)

The School of Social Work is proud to be apart of the College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS). CHHS hosts an Annual Ice Cream Social and you may be greeted by USWA members and faculty.

Our USWA President, also serves on the CHHS-Student Affairs Committee to represent all social work undergraduates on a college level. Learn more about CHHS-SAC by clicking here

USWA Monthly Meetings

1-2 a month, USWA holds a meeting between its officers and members to plan for the semester. We encourage all USWA members to attend.

USWA Co-Sponsors the Annual “Social Side of Social Work” Comedy Night

Every year, USWA, SWGSA, NASW-South Bay Unit, the Social Work Alumni Association and The School of Social Work, gets together to sponsor a comedy night for all students, faculty and local social workers.

USWA goes to Lobby Days

By providing social work undergraduates with a Lobby Days scholarships, USWA joins SWGSA in attending the annual Legislative Lobby Days in Sacramento.

USWA Members Advocate & Peacefully Protest

Graduation Stoles

We take pride in being apart of this student organization. Each year, we design and sale custom USWA stoles for the graduating class.

USWA Apparel

Once a year, USWA designs apparel for its members. All funds raised go right back into the student organization and is not for profit. Click here to view our most recent apparel.

USWA Co-Sponsors the Annual NASW Social Work Month Gala

Every year, USWA, SWGSA, NASW-South Bay Unit, the Social Work Alumni Association and The School of Social Work get together to sponsor the Annual Social Work Gala.

Check out some more photos of USWA members throughout the years by clicking here

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